About Us

My name is Annie Niemann and I started Rainy Day Illustrations to bring my mothers amazing artwork to the public! I like to say that Rainy Day Illustrations is 50 years in the making, because that is how long my mother has been an illustrator by profession.

Here’s our story:

My mothers name is Suzanne Simmons and she began her career as a fashion illustrator in the late 60’s. She worked across the United States, capturing the beauty of fashion through illustrations for countless fashion labels and retailers. In the late 80’s when fashion turned from illustrations to photography, my mother reinvented herself as an illustrator capable of drawing gorgeous story boards for advertising agencies to sell their commercial concepts for major brands across the world. She’s been doing this now for 35+ years.

I grew up going into New York ad agencies with my mom to drop off her artwork and work on animatics with creative directors, all the while, not really understanding how talented my mother was…doesn’t everyone’s mother draw? It wasn’t until I turned 31 and bought a house with my boyfriend, that I realized my mother’s unique talent. As a house warming present, my mother gave me a watercolor of a picture I had shared with her of our 12 Watusi cattle at our ranch in Moulton, TX. The watercolor was so detailed and beautiful that I asked her to do another watercolor and another and then finally I said, you really need to get your artwork out there! She was hesitant, but I persisted. That’s how Rainy Day Illustrations started.

The style of my mother’s artwork is so very different than other artists I’ve seen. She is able to capture the beauty and add elegance to any subject, which I think is thanks to her fashion background. We like to say that Rainy Day Illustrations is capturing the beauty of our every day and adding elegance to natures natural beauty.

We hope you love the artwork and my mother’s story as Rainy Day Illustrations has certainly allowed my mother to reinvent herself again and at 73 realize a dream she didn’t know she had, having others love her artwork and display her pieces in their homes!

*Oh and this pic is from a few years ago at Thanksgiving. We aren't the best cooks, but we cook a mean turkey :)