Pig Fence Flour Sack Kitchen Towel

Pig Fence Flour Sack Kitchen Towel

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I have always been in love with pigs. Maybe it's their curly tail, their funny little pink nose or maybe that they got to slop around all day in mud, but I've always loved them and I think this pig will make the pig lover in your life pretty happy! 

The artwork featured on this towel began as an original watercolor by Suzanne Simmons and as usual, she brought out the elegance of this sweet little pig and the curiosity of seeing what's just beyond the blue fence.

Screen printed by hand in Houston, TX using water base inks. This towel is size to approximately 30" x 30" with the artwork being sized to approximately 10"w x 13.5" h. This is a 4 color screen print.

Perfect gift for the animal lover in your life...just pair with a bottle of wine, whiskey or simply by itself.