Rudolf Flour Sack Kitchen Towel

Rudolf Flour Sack Kitchen Towel

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This may be my favorite piece of artwork by my mom, I look at this artwork two ways: 

1. As the 'Awkward Teenage Rudolf' right before he got his call to action from Santa
2. As the 'Audrey Hepburn' of Rudolf
*His nose has a bit of sparkle, as Rudolf deserves.

The artwork featured on this towel began as an original watercolor by Suzanne Simmons.

Screen printed by hand in Houston, TX using water base inks. This towel is size to approximately 30" x 30" with the artwork being sized to approximately 10"w x 13.5" h. 

Flour Sack Towels make perfect gifts during the holidays either by themselves or when added to a bottle of wine, cookies, cookie cutters or simply a whisk.